State Of The Art Water Treadmills

We love and use these state of the art pieces of equipment so much we decided to buy two of them, giving our clients the largest availability and service in the North of England.

At our centre we have two state of the art water treadmills

Both of our water treadmills have dual entry/exit doors and foot placing sections on either side of the belt so that our qualified hydrotherapists can join your dog within the treadmill for added reassurance and support.

Treadmill work is great for encouraging correct flexion, extension and placement of all four paws in a controlled manner. The water is filled to the desired level depending on both the breed and size of the dog but also to suit the desired resistance required from the water to aid the exercise. 

Treadmill exercise does have a degree of weight bearing however due to the warm water it is still very beneficial towards pain management. It is extremely useful in the rehabilitation of those with heart and respiratory problems that would find the pool work to intense.

Hydrotherapy can make improvements in:

  • Relief of pain, swelling & stiffness.
  • Muscle strengthening, bulk & maintenance.
  • Increased range of motion in joints.
  • Impovement in circulation.
  • Alleviating muscle spasm.
  • Cardiovascular fitness (heart & lungs)
  • Increased speed of recovery & tissue healing.
  • Increased proprioception & gait modification.
  • Weight Loss.


The conditions we commonly help and treat are:

  • Hip and Elbow dysplasia – especially useful for young dogs who are restricted to lead exercise
  • OCD
  • Patella Luxation
  • Osteoarthritis (DJD) primary and secondary to developmental conditions
  • Spondylosis 
  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Femoral Head and Neck Excision (FHNE)
  • Arthroscopy
  • Cranial Cruciate Rupture- TPLO/TTA/Lateral Suture
  • Patella Luxation
  • Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Intervertebral Disc Protrusion/Degenerative Disc Disease 
  • Fibro-Cartilaginous Embolism (FCE) 
  • Cervical Vertebral Malformation 
  • Spinal Injury/Trauma/Shock
  • Discospondylitis 
  • Neuromuscular Disease 
  • Peripheral Neuropathies
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Tendinitis
  • Ligament strain
  • Tendinopathies,
  • Muscle strains/sprains
  • Obesity 


Canine Health & Hydro is a referral only centre, your Vet or Orthopedic Specialist must make your dog’s referral to us before your assessment and taster session using the Refer Online section of this website, this is a very simple process and should take no more than 5 minutes. This can only be completed by your vet or authorized member of their practice. We will also liaise with your vets regarding progress, treatments etc

We are fully qualified and registered with the Canine Hydrotherapy Association UK.

Most insurance companies cover the cost of hydrotherapy and rehabilitation, usually in their complimentary therapy section. Please check your policy beforehand.

"Making the world a better place one dog at a time"

Karen Isherwood with Tilly the Lab – Bilateral Cruciate Ligament Surgery.

We have been visiting Canine Health and Hydro since around March 2016 and the team have been truly fantastic. The sessions are always based on Tilly’s changing needs and her next steps are always catered for. Tilly loves coming here, Ruth has built a bond up with her and us since July. A family run business that always do their best to help no matter who we see. Our own knowledge and after care skills have improved too throughout Tilly’s treatment. We won’t be leaving this place anytime soon!