Grooming Training

The ONLY Dog Grooming Training Centre in the UK offering a choice of ALL 3 of the recognised professional dog grooming qualifications. All Level 3 and above courses come with FREE Kanpeki 3 Scissor Sets worth £200. Our dog grooming courses provide everything you need to realise your dream at our fantastic groom school based in the beautiful Rimington, Lancashire.

After attending canine groom school I couldn’t recommend anywhere else, I drive a 90 mile round trip just to get there and it’s definitely worth it. I love how flexible it is, working a full time job I can still attend the school around my shifts. Poppy and the team are amazing! They are so kind and helpful and always have a smile on their face, they’re always there when you need them for advice or just some moral support. Even on your worst days (because they do happen) they pick you straight back up and make you feel so much better. Most importantly, in my eyes, the dogs are treat amazingly. The guys have a real love for each and every dog that comes in and are treat like one of their own.
5 stars! Love it!!Victoria Nagy

"Making the world a better place one dog at a time"